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Performative Health and Unlearning with Dr Lilia Graue

May 11, 2018

Dr Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT on performative health, being with our own experiences and "reclaiming the white coat" 

How Lilia first came to Mindful Eating through yoga and meditation
Her journey through medical school
Becoming more open and explicit with mindfulness
The "inside-out" process and becoming more familiar with our own mind and body
​Cultivating attunement allows us to be with our clients from a place of genuine love
Kindness and compassion in action, the common human experience
Showing up in ways which honour the human experience and acknowledge that we have so many shared experiences
The ways our training discourages us to "be with" our clients.
What's our common aim? To ease suffering and to heal.
The important of "unlearning"
How our sense of embodiment gets beaten out of us by diet culture, how our natural way of showing up gets lost
What is "radical?" = "at the root"
What is "performative health" vs "embodiment"
Performative health robs us of authentic connection - with ourselves, and with others.
We're all part of the system which tells us to look, act, talk and be a certain way.
​There's a very warped sense of belonging in replicating the patterns we are taught are normative in our professions a opposed to being our unique and rebellious selves
Reclaiming "the white coat"



Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT, is an eating disorders specialist and clinical supervisor; mindfulness, compassion and mindful eating instructor; certified therapeutic and restorative yoga teacher; death doula; bereavement counselor; Certified Body Trust® Provider; and Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Certified Coach and Facilitator.  Having completed postgraduate training in medical family therapy and body psychotherapy, and with 18 years of clinical experience, she is intimately familiar with bodies and minds and our healing processes, and how we relate to, nourish and take care of ourselves and our bodies in ways that bring us closer to wholeness, radical presence, fierce embodiment and joy.

Lilia practices at the intersection of different healing modalities, centering lived experience and the body as a source of knowing, with a depth and scope very few providers can offer. Her own life experiences with developmental and complex trauma, depression, anxiety, navigating the daily challenges of living with chronic pain, and a healing journey that has involved extensive psychotherapy, as well as mind-body practices, have shaped the way she approaches her suffering and that of others. She considers it her privilege, purpose and deepest source of fulfillment to be able to witness and support others in their own healing path.
Lilia loves working with providers who are navigating the challenges of advocating bravely for body liberation, embodiment and freedom from performative health, and who wish to cultivate and honor boundaries that allow for their self care and replenishing empathy and compassion. 

Her practice is rooted in intersectional feminism. It is trauma informed, weight inclusive and trans inclusive, and grounded in the principles of Body Respect, Body Trust® and Health at Every Size® (HAES®). She is Mexican and provides services in both English and Spanish.
Lilia is an avid amateur cook, baker, and foodie. She and her partner share their home with their beloved cats, Thomas and Ziggy.


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