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De-Experting, Unlearning & Weight Inclusive Nutrition in Practice with Laura Thomas

April 18, 2020

Laura Thomas on the process of de-experting, unlearning and weight inclusive MNT for Dietitians and Nutritionists


In this episode, Laura shares about her book; Just Eat It, to include getting the idea off the ground, the writing and publishing processes and evolving since publication, also the frameworks and principles that dietitians and nutritionists may find difficult when first moving to the non-diet / HAES & IE paradigm from the traditional weight-centric models and how they can overcome them and developing Weight-Inclusive guides for health professionals and clients; more about them and where you can find them.

Here Fi and Laura discuss:


  • Flipping the tables on Laura for a round of "Quick-Fire Action" (a fun, introductory activity which Laura uses to begin her Don’t Salt My Game Podcast)
  • Laura’s Book, Just Eat It;
  • How the book came to be written.
  • The writing and publishing process.
  • And changing and evolving as a health professional and human-being over time.


  • What dietitians and nutritionists may find difficult when first starting to adopt non-diet / HAES / intuitive eating frameworks and principles and practices that can help; 

    • The importance of de-experting and unlearning and using person-centred care to flick the ‘fixing’ instinct and uncover our client’s values.
    • Slowing down the intuitive eating principles and starting where it makes sense for the client. 
    • Why it might be helpful to establish a tool kit of coping skills for clients before commencing IE and where acceptance and commitment therapy fits in the process.
  • Weight-Inclusive Guides for dietitians, nutritionists and clients produced by the London Centre for Intuitive Eating; their aim, putting them into practice and where you can find them. 

As mentioned in the podcast:

More about Laura:

Laura established LCIE in 2017 to help support clients who have a difficult relationship with food and their body. She has a passion for delivering inclusive, trauma informed, and person-centred care for all bodies. She draws upon different therapeutic and counselling skills to support her clients in their recovery from disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body dissatisfaction. She also incorporates different health care frameworks into her work, such as Health and Every Size Ⓡ, Intuitive Eating, and Body Image Healing. Much of her work focusses on advocacy and reducing weight-based discrimination within the nutrition profession. Laura takes a collaborative approach to working with clients, recognising that they are the experts of their own bodies and experiences. Her advice and recommendations are not didactic, rather she helps guide and support clients to reconnect with their bodies. 

In January 2019, Laura published her 1st book with Bluebird Books: Just Eat It: How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Get Your Shit Together Around Food.


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