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Fierce, Fat and Saving Lives with Victoria Welsby

April 1, 2020

Victoria Welsby on how we can be better humans and health professionals by interrogating our own biases & fat phobia. Buckle in for the real talk!


Victoria shares why the word fat has been reclaimed in the body positive and fat positive communities, using the word fat; who gets too, when it might be used and its impact, how we can be better humans and health professionals by removing certain words from our vocabulary, ways we can call in other health professionals, interrogating our own biases and avoiding the shame spiral, seeking support as a professional / activist in the non-diet, body positive / fat positive spaces, Victoria’s book ‘Fierce Fatty’ and other must read books for 2020 and so much more!

Here Fi and Victoria speak about:

    • Launching onto the scene in a big way and sharing insight into her life as a guest on the Chrissy Harrison Food Psych Podcast – an important listen, find it here!
    • Reclamation of the word fat;
      • Why the body positive and fat positive communities have reclaimed it.
      • Who gets to use it, when it might be used and its life-changing-life-saving impact.
    • The ‘o’ words NO health professional (or anyone) should use and why removing these words from your vocabulary (and brain) is incredible!
    • Ways we can call-in health professionals that are still using the ‘o’ words i.e. do you want to be on the right side of history??
    • Why making the effort to interrogate our own bias really matters and why we need to avoid getting caught in the shame spiral.


  • Seeking support as a feminist / doctor / dietitian / health professional / fat activist / body positive activist in this paradigm. 
  • What we can look out for as signals that we need to do some work as non-diet dietitians and why you should claim the ‘Fat Positive and Anti-Diet Dietitian’ title.
  • Must read books for 2020, which of course includes Victoria’s new book (YES!!) and why she evolved to become the Fierce Fatty (from BAMPOWLIFE).


As mentioned in the podcast:

More about Victoria: Fi to input.

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