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Getting (very) Real with Heather Caplan

May 29, 2020

 Heather Caplan on adjusting expectations in times of uncertainty & important messages for her past self.


In this episode, Heather shares more about her RD Real Talk podcast, her experience running a private practice through maternity leave and motherhood and how these lessons may convey during COVID-19, more about starting WIND; the Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics movement, the words of wisdom she would offer herself 3-5 years ago, how the weight inclusive space supports self-reflection, why we need to acknowledge the work that has come before us and how The Iceberg Analogy aligns within this community.  

Here Fi and Heather speak about:

  • Heather’s podcast; RD Real Talk, and how it has evolved over time. 
  • Navigating maternity leave and motherhood whilst running a private practice, and how we can take on or consider some of these aspects during COVID-19. 
  • The Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND) movement;
    • What it is and how it came to fruition. 
    • The original intention for WIND and how the idea has evolved to what it is today.
  • The words, lessons and advice Heather would offer herself 3 or 5 years ago;
    • and how this insight can support health practitioners who are currently studying and/or working in weight centric spaces or those who might be new to the HAES / non-diet / weight inclusive paradigm.  
  • How being a part of this community can open us up for self-reflection and help us to investigate social conditioning and personal patterns which can get in the way.
  • The importance of acknowledging the decades of work that has come before us. 
  • Using the Iceberg Analogy within the HAES / weight inclusive community to understand visibility, the need for ongoing learning (and unlearning), the power of a beginners mind and so much more.  

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