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Finding Courage in Discomfort and Tough Conversations with Grace Wong

November 19, 2017

Grace Wong, RD on finding courage in discomfort, the importance of tough conversations both with our clients and within our communities and the confusions around HAES and client-centered practice.

Join to me hear the inspiring Grace Wong from Calgary, Canada who is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, mental health nutrition and parent-child feeding relationships. Graces advocates for the non-diet approach, HAES and weight acceptance in her practise and campaigns for a supportive community where practitioners can engage in respectful disagreements and ongoing professional and personal develop to broaden perspectives and strengthen and advance our work.

Here Grace shares:

  • ‘Renting & Venting’ - meeting on The Mindful Dietitian FaceBook page and the importance of giving our emotions a safe space.
  • ‘Weight/Food’ = Emotions. Why and how we need to move emotionally with our clients.
  • Working with Ellyn Satter - Models and Attitude in practise;

    • Understanding the entire development process and behaviours and how they progress.
    • Being clear, assertive and confident in our work.
    • The importance of talking through our disagreements with other professionals.
  • Exploring discomfort; how to become comfortable with conflict and how it can advance our work.
  • Emotions continued; making room for clients to experience the full spectrum of emotions for change and healing.
  • Patient Centric Care in HAES/non-diet approach and the confusion around motivational interviewing
  • ‘Focussing not only on the approach, but discussing the science with clients means weight loss will not stand’.
  • Uncertainty and perfectionism in practise and hopes for the future.


Connect with Grace here.

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