The Mindful Dietitian

The Mindful Dietitian with Isabel Foxen Duke

October 9, 2017

Isabel Foxen Duke on our fat phobic society, how our limited defintion of recovery gets in the way,how to spot bias in our training and research, and how food policing directly contributes to weight stigma.

I was so excited to speak with the very passionate Isabel Foxen Duke, Health Coach and Emotional Eating specialist from San Francisco. Isabel has a "no holds barred" kinda attitude, which I absolutely love, and shares with us her gems in this jam-packed episode! Keep an eye out for Isabel's NEW coaching program for professionals (to be launched end of Oct 2017).

Here Isabel shares:
• Her first introduction to diet culture at just 3 years old and how it impacted her relationship with food and self into adulthood
• Flying under the radar and the journey to treatment
• Our fat phobic society, the flaws of treatment and how recovery idealism is affecting true recovery
• Understanding weight bias; the importance of the critical analysis of research
• How we are misunderstanding health; it is a spectrum, not something you have or don’t have!
• The real issues of weight stigma
• The key challenges working in this paradigm
• The importance of providing clients with the theory behind recovery measures for healing; not just providing them with another set of do’s and don’ts
• Being aware of our language so not to engage in diet mentality
• Stop Fighting Food TM and her new exciting project

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Isabel Foxen Duke is the creator of Stop Fighting Food TM, a masterclass for clients in recovery. After 5 successful years Isabel is taking on a new venture in Health at Every Size teacher training and mentorships.

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