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Transgenerational food & eating relationships with Jessica Setnick

June 28, 2017

Jessica Setnick on transgenerational influence on food and eating experiences.

Fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian brings her fabulous unique style to this interview, as we explore ways in which we can be aware of transgenerational influences on the way we experience food, eating and our bodies.

  • Jess's background in anthropology, and how this informed her Nutrition practice
  • Why a transgenerational assessment is such an important part of the Dietetic consultation
  • Transforming understanding from "this is a fact" to "this is a behaviour"
  • How awareness of the origins of our behaviours can open up space for choice
  • Separating moral judgements from behaviours
  • "When you can see many possibilities, shame diminishes" - we can help people navigate possibilities!
  • "No one choice makes or breaks"
  • "No one is born preoccupied with food, society makes us this way...."
  • How we can support parents in their efforts to feed their children in a way that fosters respect and care
  • Offering meaning to the behaviours, breaking through shame
  • How to use the word "regret" in a helpful way
  • How storytelling is a way we talk to ourselves too
  • Creating safe spaces for our clients
  • When to shush, when to speak up
  • The power of witnessing someone's struggle



About Jess:

Jessica Setnick has one of the most recognizable names in the eating disorders treatment world, thanks to her engaging and charismatic presentation style, her unique point of view, and her genuine ability to connect on a deep level, even from the podium. She has spent her career developing eating disorder treatment protocols in every level of care and shares her wealth of knowledge with health professionals and the public in every possible format, including the Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Training Workshop for Professionals audio course, The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders, as Eating Disorder Editor at Recovery Campus Magazine, in the forthcoming book Managing Eating Disorders on Campus, as a CEDRD Supervisor and mentor to treating professionals around the world, and in her many, many, many presentations. Jessica’s mission is to work toward a world where everyone who needs care for eating issues has access to qualified professionals, and no one is turned away due to insurance issues or mistaken stereotypes.


You can find Jess here:

International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians


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