The Mindful Dietitian

The Mindful Dietitian with Lindsay Stenovec

February 14, 2018

Lindsay Stenovec on supporting expecting and new mothers to push back on diet culture, connect with their bodies during some of the most vulnerable times and fostering a culture of connection and support.

Introducing the wonderful and passionate Lindsay Stenovec MS, RD, CEDRD, CLEC of Sunny San Diego, This is a very special interview as Lindsay joins us today 39 weeks pregnant!
(postscript - little James was born a week after we recorded, welcome to the world, little man!)

As we are aware, there are times when women in particular are more vulnerable to falling prey to diet culture messages and arguably, one of the most troubling times is around pregnancy, and parenting. We want to acknowledge that there are many ways to be a parent, including not have the experience of pregnancy, and here Lindsay speaks so compassionately about the variety of experiences which can influence the way we see our bodies during this important time of life.

Lindsay also shares:

  • More about her specialised/unique area of work; supporting and empowering pregnant women and mothers.
  • How the motherhood experience impacts body image and food choices.
  • Her personal struggles during pregnancy; noticing the gap in the peri-natal community and recognising the need/opportunity to bridge it.
  • ‘Taking your experiences with you’; how Lindsay’s work experiences and opportunities impacted her direction and lead her to this specialised work.
  • Healing; the importance of client validation, self-care and knowing they are not alone.
  • The birth of The Nurtured Mama and community
  • How dietitians and eating disorder specialists can support their clients in navigating pregnancy, planning and motherhood;
    • Supporting client to become self-advocates and find the right provider
    • Developing a post-partum plan
    • Support in navigating through the messengers
    • Impact of mindfulness
  • Connecting, referring your clients for community support and top podcast recommendations!

More about Lindsay:

Lindsay is a non-diet dietitian, intuitive eating counsellor and eating disorder specialist and the founder of Nutrition Instincts® and The Nurtured Mama Club. Nurtured Mama is a website and community designed to educate, support and empower expecting mothers/mothers on non-diet nutritional wellness, body image, acceptance and self-love. Lindsay established The Nurtured Mama through noticing the significant gaps in resources for support after birth through her own lived-experience with postpartum depression and anxiety. Lindsay facilitates one-on-one consultations, online programmes, ED recovery support groups and the Nurtured Mama podcast and community. Lindsay’s mission is to the help women and mothers reduce stress and guilt around food and movement by restoring their trust in their bodies, taking weight obsession out of the equation and re-defining health and self-care so that each woman, mother & family can thrive

​Connect with Lindsay:

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