The Mindful Dietitian

The Mindful Dietitian with Marci Evans

May 12, 2017

Marci Evans on orthorexia, mindfulness and the importance of being curious.

Please join me to hear inspiring fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian Marci Evans share some incredible pieces of wisdom, reflecting on her own experience and expanding out to the work she does with clients, and fellow Dietitians. Here she shares:

  • The books that once you read it and know it, you can't "unknow it"
  • How Marci moved from "mindfulness feels a bit....blah?" to "ahhhh....this is why it's important..." and how it directly translates to client outcomes
  • Specifically how OUR mindfulness practice directly influences our neurobiology & be an observer of our own experience
  • How we can find mindfulness in small ways, that it does take intention and and it's OK if it feels effortful.
  • Staying curious to notice your whole experience, even those "eeek" moments where you might not be at your best
  • Bringing self compassion into your life!
  • What exactly is orthorexia?
  • Why our culture is so unhelpful when it comes to orthorexia
  • How orthrexia can become a socially sanctioned surrogate for the ED
  • How to look out for getting distracted by what seems to be "the problem" at the expense of more meaningful conversations
  • Our Body Image Workshop - please join us!!


Notes from Marci:

Orthorexia: Dunn & Bratman

The Mindful Therapist (Dan Siegel)


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