The Mindful Dietitian

The Mindful Dietitian with Tara MacGregor

December 22, 2017

Tara MacGregor, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and APD, on the psychotherapeutic model for behaviour change, client centred practice misconceptions, context in practice, motivational interviewing, getting out of ‘fix it’ mode and the importance of professional supervision.

Please join me today as I speak with the inspiring and very experienced Tara
MacGregor; a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and APD. After many years in
clinical dietetics, Tara currently manages a successful private practice located in
Sydneyss North Shore. Tara assists adults suffering with chronic yo-yo dieting,
disordered eating and eating disorders by combining skilful client centred counselling with nutrition knowledge using the HAES/non-diet approach. Through her training organisation Practice Pavestones, Tara also provides training for health professionals focussing principally on motivational interviewing. Tara also offers clinical supervision and mentoring for dietitians and mental health professionals.

Here Tara shares:
 How she became interested in the overlapping/space between dietetics and
counselling/psychotherapy and what her current space encompasses.
 Taking off the white coat; the growth of the psychotherapeutic model and
limitations of client ‘education’ in behaviour change.
 Client Centred Practice misconception; how it is not doing what your client
wants, the ethics and how you can navigate this space!
 The importance of ‘context’ in practice and allowing your client to have their
 Motivational Interviewing; a conversational, guiding style perfect for HAES/non-
diet approach
 “Laying the burden down of being the fixer and tapping into our foundational
qualities that were already there”
 “There is an alternative to traditional dietary therapy” and how supervision can
complement the transition by bringing out your strengths.

Supervision – the key questions answered:
o The difference between professional supervision and mentoring
o How would a dietitian know if they needed supervision?
o What ‘should’ supervision feel (afterwards)?
o Should a supervisor be another dietitian?
o How you can find a supervisor?
 Current work and involvement with the DAA; Dietitians Association of Australia

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