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ACT in Dietetic practice with Annie Goldsmith

October 15, 2019

Annie Goldsmith on integrating Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in Dietetic Practice.

Annie and Fi talk about:

  • Annie's passion for Health At Every Size (R) and background in Brain & Cognitive Sciences
  • Working with groups & supporting an environment of collective healing
  • The gift of our experiences being witnessed and held in groups
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - what is it?
  • Useful intersections of ACT & Dietetic practice
  • Skills & tools core to the ACT hexaflex
  • How ACT can be helpful to support longer-term recovery from diet culture and eating disorders
  • The important place of values in ACT


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More About Annie:

Annie Goldsmith is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Second Breakfast Nutrition, a private practice in Charlotte North Carolina. Annie specializes in working with clients recovering from eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body image struggles. She is also co-owner of The Art of Intentional Eating, where she facilitates courses, support groups, and size inclusive yoga classes grounded in the HAES and IE philosophies. She is passionate about offering non-diet, weight inclusive care and grateful for the opportunity to hold space for those on their recovery journeys


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