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The Power of Kindness in Dietetic Practice with Dawn Clifford

April 9, 2018

Dr Dawn Clifford on transforming Dietetic practice through the power of kindness, Motivational Interviewing & find your voice.

Thanks for joining me today to hear from the very wise and multi-talented Dawn Clifford, co-author of "Motivational Interviewing for Nutrition & Fitness Professionals"

Here Dawn shares:

  • Discovering her passion for nutrition and dietetics in high school as a competitive swimmer.
  • Being captivated by the psychology of health behaviour change during her studies and seeing her strengths in nutrition counselling and teaching.
  • Her experience in the NA university recreation centre and as an Outpatient Dietitian, leading to HAES and the pursuit for more knowledge on how to best be with clients.
  • More about her book; Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness, co-written with Laura Curtis, MS, RD.
  • Motivational Interviewing learning strategies; how you can begin even if it doesn’t yet resonate and why it is effective and important as a therapeutic model in this paradigm.
  • As a HAES practitioner, how you can approach different philosophies collegially and with clients; “it is a countercultural message – you can expect some resistance!”
  • Navigating mixed messages in academia; for teachers and students.
  • Tips on how to approach fatigue working in the HAES/non-diet paradigm;
    • One important tip being the use of Motivational Interviewing and the two key questions for your clients.
  • Her new project – watch this space!


Dawn Clifford, PhD, RD. Dawn is an Associate Professor at Northern Arizona University and is the co-author of Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness. She teaches nutrition education and counselling, and has experience implementing and directing university-based health coaching programs. Dawn conducts research and is an accomplished speaker in the areas of motivational interviewing and non-diet approaches to health and wellness. In addition, she has published several research articles in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour and written curriculum for Today’s Dietitian and Nutrition Dimensions.


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