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Honouring the Body Across Time with Deb Benfield

July 24, 2019

Deb Benfield on slowing down, the intersection of yoga & self reflective work, and honouring the ageing body.


Here Deb and Fi speak about:

  • How connecting with therapists, and getting supervision felt so important
  • Yoga teacher training with Anna Guest Jelley & significant teachers
  • The intersection of yoga & Dietetic practice
  • Developing the language of interoception, and bringing this into Dietetic practice
  • Why we need to slow down the "hunger-fullness" conversation, and how it can unintentionally lead to shame
  • The somatic process
  • The importance of slowing down, being attentive & curious to enhance safety
  • Safety builds trust, to 
  • Spend time building "the base"
  • How we might unintentionally perpetuate the very constructs we are aiming to dismantle
  • Doing our own work, softening into our own experience, staying curious
  • Centering your client & their experience
  • Honouring the ageing body without medicalising or pathologising
  • Choosing an appropriate yoga class - for you, and your clients!
  • Supervision as a powerful tool for improving our capacity & enhancing wellbeing


More about Deb:

Nutrition Therapist, Freedom Fighter, Recovery Coach and Yoga Teacher on a
mission for all to know All Bodies are Good Bodies. I am passionate about
partnering with my clients and students to:
• Develop ease around food, eating and body image
Reclaim the PLEASURE of eating again!
• Choose foods that allow a balance of joy, satisfaction and well-being.
• Compassionately cultivate a way of eating that is both embodied and
• Nourish yourself so that you will feel vital and have the energy for all of the
ways you play!

Owner and Lead Nutritionist at Body in Mind Nutrition/Debra Benfield
Counsulting-Offering Nutritional Therapy and Coaching for individuals, couples
and families, Professional Supervision for therapists, Dietitians, and Coaches,
Embodied Eating Groups and Workshops, Body Liberation Yoga Classes and
Workshops, and Worksite Wellness Programs with a Health at Every Size
perspective. Currently an active member of the Eating Disorder Treatment Team
at Wake Forest University. Founder of the Winston-Salem Eating Disorder




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