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Data Driven meets Client Centered with Fiona Willer

November 19, 2019

"Data Driven meets Client-Centered" with Fiona Sutherland & guest Fiona Willer (aka "Fi-Squared)

In this episode, Fiona Willer joins Fi again for another "Fi-squared" episode and speak about:

  • The essentials of weight science, and what every Dietitian needs to know about understanding research

  • The problematic nature of Paediatric weight-focussed research, including lack of long-term follow up.

  • The discrepancies between the way Dietitians identify their practice and their level of knowledge in weight-inclusive approaches.

  • Fi’s favourite episode from her “Unpacking Weight Science” Podcast and what you can expect from signing up!

  • If Fi was designing her own Dietetic program…..and her wishes for the profession

  • Upcoming training in 2020


Fiona's Unpacking Weight Science Course

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More about Fiona:

Fiona Willer is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian who combines academic research, university lecturing and public speaking with creating professional development resources and training for health professionals through her business, Health Not Diets. Her research areas are dietetic private practice benchmarking, inter-professional learning and the integration of weight neutral lifestyle approaches (including Health at Every Size® and the Non-Diet Approach) into the practice of health professionals, particularly dietitians. Creator of the innovative Unpacking Weight Science professional development podcast, Fiona has great enthusiasm for both interrogating weight research and overusing food and eating metaphors in everyday life.


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