The Mindful Dietitian

Navigating transitions, and doubt with Jennifer McGurk

November 29, 2018

Jennifer McGurk on doubt, transitions and building a successful, sustainable HAES-aligned business.

Here Jennifer shares:


  • Connecting with Fi at the Body Image Workshop in New York; the importance of community and finding her NYC crew.


  • The journey to the HAES/non-diet approach through a parallel process.
  • Experiencing doubt as a “traditional” dietitian; how this feels and looks and learning from one’s mistakes.
  • Advice to practitioners navigating the transition between ‘diet culture/weight centric’ model to a HAES/non-diet approach.
  • The key elements to building a sustainable business through a HAES/non-diet model; passion, networking and boundaries!
  • ‘Fence sitting’; an opportunity to educate and grow the community
  • Working with a co-therapist and recognising ‘the best therapist lives in the same diet culture world we live in’.
  • Messaging; acknowledging you can always change your message, elevating the voices of others, the importance of staying true to ourselves/our brand and navigating the messages of others.


Connect with Jennifer:






About Jennifer:

Jennifer is a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and the Director of ‘Eat With Knowledge’. Through a Non-Diet/HAES lens, Jennifer combines her knowledge in medical nutrition therapy, psychology, and physiology to help clients understand their eating behaviours, and gain the insight needed to make positive changes for their health. As part of her nutritional counselling role Jennifer has also developed an online course to further support her clients; ‘Feel Fabulous About Food’. In addition to her work with her clients, Jennifer is also very passionate about supporting Dietitians, Clinicians and other Wellness Professionals through clinical supervision and as a business coach where she assists practitioners who have the desire to start and build their own businesses. Her entrepreneur passion has lead her create an online masterclass; Pursuing Private Practice Masterclass E-course and to author two books; Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business and Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Grow Your Own Business. In addition, Jennifer is a frequent guest in the media, a professional presenter and she is also involved with the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians, the National Eating Disorders Association, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp).

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