The Mindful Dietitian

The Mindful Dietitian with Katherine Zavodni

February 26, 2018

Katherine Zavodni, MPH, RDN, CD, on finding creative ways to develop age-appropriate food and nutrition messaging for children and families, finding her niche the non-conventional way and the importance of client validation.


Here Katherine shares:


  • Her journey to dietetics and early experiences with eating disorders and disordered eating.
  • Finding her niche (non-diet/HAES) and a supportive practice after gaining her first role and feeling uncomfortable practicing from an incompatible paradigm.
  • Mixed-messages in the standard paradigm (weight-centred) and how the non-diet/HAES approach aligned with personal and professional values.
  • Importance of validating a client’s experience and how the non-diet approach “provides an alternative for clients to partner with their bodies instead of constantly trying to battle their bodies”.
  • Understanding the human experience; the behavioural similarities between those diagnosed with an eating disorder and those non-diagnosed and need for strengthened training programmes.


  • Importance of broadening eating disorders/disorder eating screening and assessment perspectives.
  • Working with Anna Lutz, colleague, mentor and friend, to develop workshops for BEDA and NEDA on ‘Age Appropriate Nutrition Education’ based on child development and developmentally appropriate principles.
  • Current nutrition education programs at schools; their abstract and flawed design and suggestions for improvements.
  • Our cultures concern for ‘the health/moral crisis’, weight bias and fat phobia and how it moves us away from holistic health.
  • Her new exciting project – watch this space!


About Katherine:

Katherine is a registered dietitian/nutritionist from Salt Lake City, Utah who provides nutrition therapy for eating disorders, intuitive eating, chronic dieting, weight concerns, and family and childhood feeding dynamics. Her therapeutic approach adopts non-diet principles consistent with the Intuitive Eating and HAES® models. Katherine, along with her friend and colleague Anna Lutz, developed and facilitated workshops on ‘Age Appropriate Nutrition Education’ based on child development and developmentally appropriate principles for the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) and National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) conferences last year (2017). These incredible workshops were well-received by professionals globally and are intended to be developed into curriculum by the end of 2018.


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