The Mindful Dietitian

Disrupting narratives with Lucy Aphramor

January 2, 2019

Lucy Aphramor on disrupting narratives, how relationships with food can serve as a vehicle for deeper work, & redefining the default for "good Dietitian."


  • What interrupts our access to our body story – what is permissible and accessible?
  • How can we provide a space where “I am OK” is available?
  • Relational ways of connecting using a variety of frameworks using metaphors and stories
  • Assumptions that are made through the dominant medical framework
  • The importance of validation & enquiry
  • When people discover it for themselves, then I help theorise it
  • How we can support people to understand their own story
  • The “health” narrative is so powerful that people will erase their own story
  • Supporting people to take their own story seriously
  • Food, eating and body are the vehicle for the deep work….
  • Being guided by values
  • Being able to sit with our own discomfort, stepping away from “fixing”
  • What defines a “good Dietitian”
  • If “fixing people” and “telling people what to do” is a strong part of our professional identity, and if I want to be a “good Dietitian” then that will be our default…..
  • Acting with integrity and acknowledging when we’ve got it wrong
  • Self compassion is for everyone, including us!
  • How Lucy weaves in self compassion
  • Disconnection stops compassion from flourishing
  • What does "The Magic Biscuit" say to you?
  • Honouring story as a powerful way of connecting
  • Visibility, and taking risk
  • Walking away is always a walking towards.....
  • The practice of taking choices......
  • Creating three examples as a way to move away from the binary
  • Lucy's dream Dietetic course!!
  • Expand the definition of what it means to be a Dietitian, "do" Dietetics
  • How we can understand how trauma shows up - and why it's pivotal


 Link to The Magic Biscuit

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