The Mindful Dietitian

Navigating masculinity norms with Tom Scully

January 24, 2019

Tom Scully on navigating masculinity norms & gender narratives in dietetics and more deeply understanding cultural competence. ​

Here Tom and Fi discuss:

  • Relocating to Geelong from Melbourne
  • His journey to dietetics, finding the non-diet/HAES approach and starting a private practice.
  • Working with men in fertility health; the importance of reducing shame and holding a safe space for sharing.
  • Navigating masculinity norms with clients.
  • Narratives and gender in dietetics.
  • What our profession understands about cultural competence, what it doesn’t and how we can improve.
  • What’s holding us back as dietitians/professionals in this space?
  • How dietetic education could be improved overall and how we can set up conversations with students.
  • How we can begin to speak out more and push back.


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