The Mindful Dietitian

Mindfulfulness & “De-Experting” with Vania Phitidis

June 18, 2018

Vania Phitidis on "de-experting" ourselves, building a compassionate mindfulness practice, and how diet culture tries to steal mindful eating...

Here Vania shares:

  • The up’s and down’s of social media and online connections.
  • Using mindfulness and objectivity to cultivate positive and diverse content.
  • Understanding the ‘Mere-Exposure Effect’ in the HAES/non-diet paradigm.
  • ‘Needing clothes that fit bodies, not bodies that fit clothes’; the lack of size diversity in fashion inhibiting opportunities for self-expression.
  • The humble and beautiful synergy of mindfulness and mindful eating.
  • How mindfulness supports the practitioner-client relationship and provides space for clients to be with their own experience.
  • Building mindfulness skills through a dedicated and consistent practice and the importance of being patient and compassionate during the process, for ourselves and our clients.
  • Using mindfulness to ‘de-expert’ and apply a ‘beginner’s mind’.
  • An introduction to RAIN, naturally moving, the need to belong and being good to ourselves.
  • Introducing our clients to mindfulness and how we can encourage the practice whilst being thoughtful to diet mentality ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking.
Tara Brach - RAIN meditation (The RAIN of self-compassion)

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